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Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings are designed to achieve a high thrust capacity with low friction and continuous roller alignment. They are also designed for operating conditions that experience heavy loads, difficulty in establishing or maintaining housing alignment, or shaft deflection.

Another characteristic is that the spherically contoured rollers, arranged in a steep angular position, accommodate high thrust loads and support moderate radial loads. The bearing geometry and manufacturing technology result in a low friction of bearing.

Internal self-alignment of the bearing elements during operation compensates for shaft deflections and housing distortions caused by shock or heavy loads. The inherent compensation for misalignment offers equipment designers the opportunity to use weldments for housing frames instead of complex castings, which reduces machining costs. However when castings are preferred, bore alignment is less critical if spherical thrust bearings are specified.

The "E” style utilises enhanced bearing geometry allowing for higher dynamic load ratings and improved lubrication characteristics. 

Typical applications for spherical roller thrust bearings are extruders, gearboxes, metal mill work / back-up rolls, pumps and screw conveyors.