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Mechanical Power

Featured Products

Our Mechanical Power range of products includes the gearbox that provides the power to all the drive components operating within transmission and conveyor applications.

We are a leading supplier of helical geared motors, bevel-helical geared motors, in-line gearboxes, helical-worm geared motors and many more including variable speed units.

We provide drive and conveyor chains complete with sprockets, in various pitches and materials, with attachments or customer specified modifications.

A complete range of rigid and flexible shaft couplings are available as well as universal joints. Also torque limiters, clutches and brakes for use in indexing or multiple start applications.

We offer belts and drive pulleys for all industrial purposes, in many styles, materials and profiles. In addition we supply conventional wedge, flat, round, timing and multi stranded belts. We can also be contacted for custom built conveyor belts with optional flights or profiles.