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Endless Woven Belts

Woven endless conveyor belts are made by interweaving one endless warp thread. This allows the finished belt to do without any juncture or joint. Woven endless belts are the ideal solution for smaller transfer sections and for stripping systems.

Metal Conveyor Belts

Our metal conveyor belts made from round or flat wire spirals are designed for universal use. These multi-purpose conveyors are particularly suitable for high-temperature applications.

  • With looped or welded belt edges
  • Permeable and temperature resistant
  • Made in stainless steel

Wide Spiral Link Belts

Right/left woven round or flat wire spirals which are linked by plain or corrugated cross bars. The large spiral turns result in an open woven structure.

Wide spiral link belts are all-purpose metal conveyor belts for many types of industry. Due to manufacturing with special materials the belts of this product group are suitable for applications with high temperature.

Round Wire Link Belts

Spirals with slight slope, right/left woven, linked by plain or corrugated cross bars. This construction results in a close meshed metal conveyor belt with plain surface for many applications.

It is mainly supplied for applications in baking ovens. Due to manufacturing with special materials the belts of this product group are suitable for applications with high temperature. They are both resistant to heat and cold.

Wire Mesh Belts

Round wires which are twisted into each other. The assembling of alternately right/left woven belts sections results in straight tracking. This metal conveyor belt construction is used for the transport of lightweight goods in several types of industry.

Loop Joined Wire Belts

Combination of double links made of round wire or plates, made of flat steel, which are linked by inserting of cross bars. Loop-joined wire belts are compact metal conveyor belts with very stable construction, suitable for the transport of heavy products. It should be noted that the closed-form allows drive by toothed rollers/sprockets, and the belts have a flat surface.

Silicone Conveyor Belts

Our silicone conveyor belts consist of a rubber coating which is applied to one or two layers of polyester. The advantages of silicone are obvious - it is resistant to many chemicals, greases and oils. A further big advantage of silicone is its exceptional anti-adhesive effect. Silicone conveyor belts are used for ascending conveyors and as a cooling covneyor belt for sticky masses such as caramel, nougat, granulate or adhesives.

PU Conveyor Belts

The PU conveyor belts consist of one or two layers of thermoplastic polyurethane. This coating material excels through its exceptional resistance to greases, oils and chemicals. We coat the carrier fabric in a smooth process. Our PU conveyor belts have an extremely long service life, are highly flexible and are approved for foodstuffs in accordance with FDA/USDA guidelines. They are also used as cooling channel conveyor belts in the confectionery industry. Embossing company logos or neutral designs on the surface of the belt makes it possible for producers of branded articles to give their products a distinctive identification mark and is thus a marketing instrument.

PVC Conveyor Belts

Our PVC conveyor belts are extremely long-lived and very flexible, and they provide outstanding resistance against fat, oil and chemicals. Depending on the specific belt type PVC conveyor belts comply with the FDA/USDA food safety regulations.