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Mechanical Seals

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Mechanical seals are leakage control devices, which are found on rotating equipment such as pumps and mixers to prevent the leakage of liquids and gases from escaping into the environment.

A mechanical seal consists of 2 principle components. One component is stationary and the other rotates against it to achieve a seal .

There are many types of mechanical seal, ranging from simple single spring designs to considerably more complex cartridge seal types. The design, arrangement and materials of construction are essentially determined by the pressure, temperature, speed of rotation and product being sealed.

A simple mechanical seal design has the following components:

1. Stationary component; commonly referred to as the seat .

2. Stationary component sealing member.

3. Rotating component.

4. Rotating component sealing member.

5. Spring.

6. Gland plate.

7. Clamp ring.